Advantage of Sourcemost Inquiry Platform

  • Support for multiple languages

    Customer support with
    8 different languages within a timely manner

  • Flexible minimum quantity

    Our sourcing power gives
    our customer strong edge on order quantity

  • The high quality

    We select high durability material
    for our products

  • Original factory standard

    Strict quality control is our promise
    in order to reach OE standard.

How to use the inquiry platform?

  • Step 1

  • Step 2

  • Step 3

  • Step 4

1.You can search the item by browsing in our product catalogue or simply by OE number.
2.Click to view product information or to submit inquiry

3.For new user to our platform, you need to register and log in to fill up all required information in order for us to assist you further.
4.Select the item, add them to your inquiry list.

5.Submit your inquiry list, we will get back to you with price offer here and in e-mail as soon as possible
6.In My Inquiry Menu, you can check our price offer for your inquiry. If you are satisified with the price quoted, you may add them in shopping cart.

7.Then we are in the form of e-mail and you communicate the confirmation of goods such as: packaging, logistics and other issues
8.After checking out with your shopping cart, you may proceed with payment with our sales advisor. (Sincere apology from our team for any inconvenience caused in order procedure due to our newly structured platform)

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